Washing machines

Me: Hi Japan. How’s things?

Japan: Yeah, not bad. What’s wrong now?

Me: I was wondering about your washing machines.

Japan: What about them?

Me: They don’t seem to use hot water.

Japan: Why would they?

Me: Because a washing machine is meant to wash. To wash something requires hot water. Your washing machines don’t use hot water. Everybody washes their clothes in cold water. That’s mad.

Japan: No it’s not. It’s fine. I’ve got loads of dry cleaning laundry shops. People love them. They go their all the time with anything. It’ll turn out great. They even do ironing.

Me: But it’s a bit inconvenient going to the dry cleaners all the time and –

Japan: No, no, no it’s not inconvenient. There’re millions of these dry cleaning laundry places.

Me: Yeah, because nobody’s got a washing machine that washes with hot water and –

Japan: Well, no of course not. We don’t need them. We can go to the dry cleaners.

Me: But if you had washing machines with hot water you wouldn’t need millions of dry cleaning laundry places.

Japan: What would be the point of that? You’d have to do all your washing at home.

Me: Yes! Exactly!

Japan: But you wouldn’t take your shirts to the dry cleaning laundry places.

Me: That’s right.

Japan: But they wouldn’t be clean.

Me: Yes they would. You’d be using hot water.

Japan: But washing machines don’t use hot water.

Me: That’s what i’m fucking telling you.

Japan: But we don’t need washing machines with hot water. We’ve got lots of –

Me: Dry cleaning laundry places, yes, i know.

Japan: Well, i don’t see what the problem is.

Me: I just want to be able to wash my clothes in hot water.

Japan: Why?

Me: So it cleans them better.

Japan: Well just go to the dry cleaning laundry places then. There’s load of them.

Me: Forget it.

Japan: You’re weird.


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